Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I had requested Nissan to honor a 'factory rebate' program that they changed after I bought a Nissan Quest 2005 from a local dealer. The customer service of Nissan Motors of North America in Torrance really sucks. I talked to a guy called Mario in Torrance. One thing is for sure, Nissan gives a damn to its customers. Once you purchase the vehicle they will say silently "screw you"!

Even I wrote to the CEO of Nissan Motors Co. Ltd in Japan, Carlos Ghosn. Looks like he cares the least. I went to him because Nissan Motors of North America said no. They forwarded my letter back to Nissan Zombies in Socal.

The folks in main line media should take a note of this. While all the accolades they have for this guy yet Carlos seems to prefer to stay insulated from keeping his customers happy.

I have had owned several Nissan vehicles in the past. This is my last vehicle for sure. From experience with Nissan I will recommend that if you see a Honda, Toyota, Dodge, Kia or Hyundai dealer anyway close to a Nissan Dealer then please go for it. Nissan is not even worth the hassle.

Nissan Reviews

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Nissan Motors Sucks. Read this.

Summary: Nissan Motors is trying to bankrupt a business who uses the owner's family name Nissan on the net. They sued him as a Cybersquatter, among other claims, even though he has owned the business since 1980 and had the domain since 94. It's his own family name! That isn't cybersquatting! Ahhsoles. If this guy loses his domain then any big company can just be a legal bully and take what they want.

Why I think that you should NOT buy Nissan Vehicles

I have been a loyal nissan customer for over a decade and had bought their cars over the last decade. Recently I bought the Nissan Quest 2005 model which rated lower than the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Dodge Caravan and even Mazda MPV & Kia Sedona. I got a factory rebate program of $500 and they changed it to $2,000 few days after my purchase. I wrote a letter to Mr. Carlos Ghosn requesting him to honor the rebate program. Can you believe the fact that the highest office of Nissan could care the less?

Friends my recomendation is that being loyal to Nissan Motors is like they screw you after you buy their product. They fail to honor your requests. The company has NO RESPECT for its CUSTOMERS. The most "CUSTOMER UNFRIENDLY" car company. Screw Nissan otherwise they will screw you.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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